Sum 41 Exclusive Digital Album Sticker Card

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Sum 41 Are Rock Sound 25 Icons

This is an A6 Art Card that works as a digital copy of the band’s final studio album, ‘Heaven :x: Hell’. This is chart-eligible, meaning you can become part of Sum 41 and chart history, with only 541 of these digital pressings available.

By tapping your phone to the sticker on the cover you will get access to exclusive bonus content, including:

  • Signed album artwork (digital download)
  • Four handwritten lyric sheets (digital downloads)
  • Exclusive Rock Sound interview clips
  • Additional Rock Sound photos of Sum 41
  • Behind-the-scenes footage of the band
  • And an audio download of ‘Heaven :x: Hell’ (available upon the album’s release)

Owners will receive a digital certification to prove the authentication of ownership, with a number marked between 1 and 541.

Sum 41 might be saying goodbye, but this exclusive content ensures they’re adding yet more moments to savour in their storied legacy and provides 541 fans a chance to connect with their final album on a deeper level than ever before.

Unlock your digital pressing and access exclusive bonus content by getting your copy today at SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV
This item is a preorder item which will be shipping  from March 15th, 2024. Album & full digital content release: March 29th




Side A
Waiting On A Twist Of Fate
I Can't Wait
Time Won't Wait
Future Primitive

Side B
Not Quite Myself
Bad Mistake
Johnny Libertine
Radio Silence



Side C

Preparasi A Salire
Rise Up
Stranger In These Times
I Don't Need Anyone
Over The Edge

Side D

House Of Liars
You Wanted War
Paint It Black
It's All Me
How The End Begins

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